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The Beehive

Beachboard, Deborah. Deborah has been published online in Dynamic Patterns Literary Webzine, Some Words, and Tintern Abbey. Her in-print credits include Twilight Ending, Sijo West, and Modern Haiku. Currently, Deborah's creative endeavors include acting as one of four preliminary judges for Poem Kingdom's Vie Via Verse contest, editing and publishing Wellspring (an online journal of Christian poetry), and participation in the United Amateur Press Association of America, for which she holds the office of Secretary/Treasurer. Deborah makes her home in Chehalis, Washington with husband Jim and four foster children. Email

Bender, Debra Woolard. Debra (Debi), a baby-boomer, was born in Fort Worth, Texas, the firstborn of five children in an Air Force family. She now lives with her husband, his dog and her cat in Orlando Florida, and has two children, and four grandchildren. She has lived in different places throughout her life, moving often. An artist/poet, for the past few years she has been concentrating on Asian verse forms, especially haiku and related poetry. She is Development Advisor to the World Haiku Club, and Editor-in-Chief of the World Haiku Review and spends entirely too much time on the computer. (She enjoys the meanings of names. Her middle name, Lee, means "meadow", and in Asian character, "healer". Debra Lee: "a bee, and her speaking healing".) Email

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