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The Beehive

  • Accepting submissions of poetry from women named Deborah (or any variation of that name, i.e. Debbie, Debra, etc.).
  • Will consider all forms, however, will not publish poems containing profanity or explicit sexuality. Will not publish excessively lengthy poems.
  • Previously published poems okay. Please include information as to where the poem first appeared.
  • Send three poems per submission in the body of an email. Do not send another submission until the editor has published accepted poetry online.
  • Include a short biography for the Poets section, if one is not already posted. Email address will be included with bio unless otherwise requested.
  • Acquires one-time rights.
  • Payment is publication.
  • Send submissions to Deborah Beachboard, Editor, at
  • By submitting to The Beehive you agree you are an adult and own all copyright to the items being submitted.

    Consulting the Oracle
    by J.W. Waterhouse
*And all variations
The Beehive is copyright 2002 by Deborah Beachboard
Poems are the property of the individual author and may not be reprinted without permission.