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The Beehive


On your left side we are like synchronised swimmers
Your arm goes under my clavicle
Brushes my best breast
Your hand latches onto my crooked forearm
Like a life-saving bar swung from in the gym
Your crook your leg and I get
Your thigh between mine
And it feels like Iím sitting on a pummel-horse
Only this one breathes.
Or Iím riding across the snowy plains on you.
On your right side I am your shadow accomplice
In what I know is a silent world
I press my breasts like noses against a pane
Tight against your back. Gravity and heart beat
Wonít allow me to reach under you
My arm reaches up to the mountains of your chest,
Your shoulder
And falls
A bridge from a girls world
A bridge - like an invitation

by Debby Jellings

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The Beehive is copyright 2002 by Deborah Beachboard
Poems are the property of the individual author and may not be reprinted without permission.