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The Beehive

To a Silver Sea at Sunset

Somewhere beyond your misty horizon
where clouds bow low to receive the sun's benediciton
of a brilliant amethyst and gold-rimmed glory,
and where the wind shapes the sharps and flats
of an endless siren song -
does the one I love still sail home to me?

Somewhere beyond time counted and gone,
as your waves come and go and come again
to the place on shore where parting once was sweet,
where I now wait as one half-alive and existing in the shadow
of a solitary memory -
will the minutes never bring him home to me?

by Deborah Beachboard

First published in Artistry in Poetry

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The Beehive is copyright 2002 by Deborah Beachboard
Poems are the property of the individual author and may not be reprinted without permission.