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The Beehive

Tineola Bisselliela: Webbing Clothes Moths

Is it true, that where theres age
And where there's care
That's where we'll find you pupating there?
Away from the light in crevises of silk
Or cashmere or felt, that's home for your ilk.

Like a wine connoisoir you favour
What is old, lovely and especially fine
Silk corsets and mink coats
Preferably dirty or stained with urine

You see the males which fly
Land innocently on walls
The females just hop
They'll shun the halls.

Here's the larvae program: mix up what you expel
Into silken tunnels and mats
Favour that which tells of their history
Military uniforms and feathered hats.

A truly doomsday insect
You want to erase our past
You'll eat it up and excrete it out
You don't want anything to last.

by Debbie Jellings

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The Beehive is copyright 2002 by Deborah Beachboard
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